Episode 1Budgeting with a purpose – An in-depth review of just why we budget, how to budget and what the purpose of budgeting really is. We’ll look at such things as accruing special expenses, evaluating margin, common pitfalls as well as where this critical step leads

Episode 2Margin Magic – In week 2 we’ll start discussing the allocation areas for margin including an deep dive into debt reduction and a simple methodology of how to evaluate pros and cons of debt reduction

Episode 3Investing Basics – In week 3 we’ll introduce investing through various accounts such as 401k, Roth 401k, IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, Simple IRA and traditional taxable investing accounts. We’ll discuss the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of investing and bring investors through the myriad of investment options

 Episode 4Wealth Development – In week 4 we’ll bring all facets of DIY Money together to discuss the steps towards wealth development & wealth creation. We’ll discuss alternative investment options such as Real Estate and a further look at taxable investment accounts. We’ll review taxes, insurance as well as what to consider when you’re developing an estate plan.


Q – How will I receive the bootcamp?

A- All sessions were recorded and will be sent directly to your email

Q – How long are the bootcamp sessions?       

A- Around 2 hours each (8 hours for entire bootcamp)

Q – What can I expect from bootcamp? 

A-  By the end of bootcamp you will know what budgeting really is, how to reduce your debt, the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of investing and the steps towards wealth development

Q – How much does it cost?

A- All sessions will cost $499 total

What you’re doing is amazing. I found your podcast in February 2020. My wife and I were sitting on about $60K in student loans and car loans and paying PMI on our mortgage with 26 years left. Started applying your methods right away and got rid of the PMI and paid off the car and student loan debt in just over a year. We just comfortably refinanced into a 15 year 2.25% mortgage and are dialing in our investments, setting goals and building wealth. It’s been great for our relationship. Keep dropping knowledge. I’ll keep picking up what you’re putting down.

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